Welcoming the biggest and best thought-leaders and important players in the world of workplace solutions and development, office and stationery products.
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The 360-degree event for all office elements!

OEA welcomes the best names, thought-leaders, and important players in the world of workplace solutions and development, office products, and stationery supplies.

In this rapidly transforming world of work, find out how you can stay relevant and agile with the extensive array of exhibits and talks catered for you at OEA.

Workspace Design
Workspace Design

Create office environments that facilitate collaboration and innovation. Learn to mix things up by incorporating ergonomics in office design for increased productivity.

Business Automation
Business Automation

Find smart solutions and technology for your business. Introduce yourself to new software and improve your money-making strategies. As paper continues to work alongside data, cloud and other new technologies, dive head first into solutions to improve your business and make long-term decisions.

Office Essentials
Office Essentials

From marker pens and highlighters to folders and file dividers to tape dispensers, notepads as well as other pantry needs, be amazed by the wide variety of supplies you will be able to choose from.

Corporate Training
HR & Wellness

Happy employees create thriving, competitive companies. Source for training and development solutions to equip your team with the right skills.

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25 September - 09 October 2021

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